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Estimating Tool Costs for Injection Moulding

At last a simple low cost program that estimates the tooling costs for injection moulding.
It has always been easy to calculate the cost of the material used in injection moulding. Ever since the PC first brought computers to the masses there have been programmes written to calculate pressures to fill, clamp force, cycle times and hence processing costs. But the big unknown has been the tooling cost. A few specialist programmes exist which calculate the machining time of components and estimate costs but they are expensive and require knowledge of toolmaking.

MoldCoster requires no such prior knowledge and at only $24.95 it is very affordable. A single page with drop down boxes to select options and instantly calculate the cost of manufacturing a mould can be carried out in a couple of minutes, and options such as changing the number of cavities, or building the mould in China,

can be evaluated in seconds.

The mould maker’s hourly rate is a major factor and this can be adjusted in the very first box. The lack of a ‘u’ in Mold and the $24.95 price tag suggest this is a US product. Converting the final price from $ into £ or € is easy enough but thinking in ounces and inches is more difficult. It looks like it may be some time before we see a European and/or SI version. So make the most of what is offered today.

You can find out more about MoldCoster 2.0 and purchase by electronic download at Why not give it a try - compare the estimates with the prices you have actually paid for moulds and let me know how it compares. Maybe version 3 will be an SI edition and smartphone download.

Report by Colin Hindle, SPRA Education Officer, April 2013

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